Get Girls Site Update

I have not made a post in a while, I have been very busy working on my other sites. So anyways, I would like to take some time to talk about one of my great blogging Idols, Vic.

Vic from Blogger Unleashed has been amazing to me, and he hardly even knows who I am. He is a former Black Hat turned White that uses his years of internet marketing experience to help guide newbie bloggers and webmasters like myself. With all of the scams and traps notoriously associated with the Make Money Online niche, Vic's website is a refreshingly honest and generous resource of knowledge for beginners. I have been introduced to him by Grizz from the Make Money Online For Beginners Blog. Ever since I have started working with them, I have become more and more passionate about internet marketing and I would love to do this full time. I am taking the challenge of Building 100 BANS Sites. I am working on a MAC and I cannot get many of the SEO software that I need until I get my new Windows XP computer on May 30th. So until then, I have been using Article Marketer and Wordtracker. Which are server side applications that help me promote my business and find keywords. That said, I am doing as much work as I can on my mac to get started and then once I get my new laptop it will just take a few days to catch up to were I need to be.

Now, It's time to learn something else about me.

I know that i have been talking like I am some kind of dating expert, but in reality I am not. I am just like every other poor schnook out there. I am actually engaged to an amazing and beautiful woman. Before I met my fiance, I didn't really know how to get girls, until I stumbled upon a book called The System by Doc Love. You can check it out at This a great book that changed my life. About a year after buying the book and using it's strategies, I met my fiance. Since then, I have been one of the happiest people in the world, and I am happy to say that we have been dating for 3 years. I didn't couldn't live with myself constantly talking about how to get girls and how to date without letting you guys know that I don't get girls myself, because I already got the perfect one! I will post a picture if she lets me so you guys can see her. Also I think it was a good thing that I talked about the system because basically everything I know is because of that book, and I wouldn't feel right about writing about it unless I gave them a credit for it.

So go out there and get some numbers, and my next post will be in a few days.