How to Get Girls|Self-Control

One of The Keys to Getting Girls to Like You is to Have Self-Control

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One of the major qualities of a man that a girl looks for is self-control. Calling them twice a day when you only know the girl for two weeks is not the way to get girls. One of the most fundamental concepts that you must understand to get girls is that less is more. The more beautiful a girl is, the more people that will be trying to ask her out. When she meets somebody she likes, she gives them her number. In any given week, she may give her number to 3 guys. The first guy,which never gets any girls, calls her the same day, and the second guy, who probably doesn't get girls either, calls her the very next day. Since this girl has been meeting men all her life, she is constantly getting phone calls from men trying to take her out. The problem is that they all call the very next day. If you, the third person, calls her a week later, then you will be separating yourself from the crowd. If you want to get girls, NEVER call them less than 5 days after meeting them. The reason for this is that you will be making her like you more by waiting longer. The important thing to realize is that if she gave you her number, then she must be interested. There is no reason to rush it because you know that she likes you, and as she keeps wondering if you will ever call, she actually starts to like you more as time goes on. If you really want to get girls, always remember to have self-control. Come back tomorrow for the next secret on on how to get girls.