How to Get Girls|Dating Services

There are several different dating services that will introduce you to beautiful women... almost all of them cost money. Click Here for the only dating guide written by a woman. There are personal ads, online dating services, social networking websites, and singles nights. These are all great places to meet girls, but I would not spend a lot of money on these places. For one, dating services only help you meet a girl, not stay with a girl. Secondly, a lot of the women that show up to these places are single for a good reason. And the third reason is because there are plenty of other great places to meet single women... for free.

If you do decide to use personal ads, you may want to ask for a recent photo. Remember that if you want her to send you a photo, then it is only fair to send her one too. Make sure you meet in a public place for the safety of both of you. You want to make her feel as comfortable as possible. When you find somebody that you like, set up a short date at a diner or coffee shop. Tell her that you are busy and that you want to have a quick lunch for thirty minutes.

Make sure to use good manners, but don't compliment her more than once. For me, I always have to restrain myself from saying things that I want to say. This is completely normal. You don't want to be too pushy, girls that are used to dating this way are probably sick of guys drooling over them in the first 5 minutes. This is a good time to get to know if she is a psycho or a gold digger. Don't mention past relationships and if she asks, don't give any details other than that you are moving forward. Make sure you talk with confidence no matter what you are talking about.. It is very important for you to realize that just because you want to say something doesn't mean that you can.

If you end up liking this girl and you didn't already mess everything up, then get her phone number, but don't say anything about a second date. If she says she wants to meet again, then you know that she likes you. You can give her your phone number, but she won't call anyways. You want to call here no less than 5 days after your first date, and make a longer date on a weeknight or sunday.

I sometimes feel that people that use dating services do so because no one wants to date them. If a women has such a hard time finding someone that she is willing to pay money for it, then there is something wrong with her. Always stay away from girls that have been in a lot of relationships... they likely have drove all their men to the nut house.

My advice is to use as many free dating tools as you can, and to not use any services that cost money. I find that Myspace and Facebook are two of the easiest ways to find women. The problem with these websites is girls are reluctant to meet strangers from online. Your best bet is to look for girls that go to your college. That way it doesn't seem so creepy and you can meet them in the school library where it is safe.

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